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After the successful first Forum in 1999, the European Society for Young Scientistsis sponsoring a 2nd Young Scientists Forum. The aim of this initiative is to discuss education and training in Europe, emphasising the existing and emerging career and research opportunities in the field. The general objectives that were originally suggested and developed during the 1st Forum will be elaborated. Similarly to the first Forum, discussion will be fostered, by creating an interactive environment amongst participants, thus promoting an enriching discussion on topics that concern everyone who graduated, or will do so. Biomaterials. Everyone's thoughts are welcomed (not only from young scientists but also those highly-experienced), both during its preparation, as well as at the Forum.

The recognition of emerging new fields is of paramount importance in order to create adequate training strategies, and hence enlarging possible career choices. These emerging subjects (disciplines, characterisation techniques, interdisciplinary relations, etc.) that young researchers can study and develop to attain differentiated opportunities in their future work will be presented.Young scientists, who were the initiators of organization's foundation, had big experience among youth surroundings. Ideas, which came true within young Scientists, were attempted on the basis of young scientists on social-humanitarian directions, which was organized a year earlier As the result, there also appeared necessity of specialists of exact sciences. The doors are open for the representatives of all spheres and directions of science.

The main purpose of our activity is rising of scientific and spiritual-educational level of youth, because it is our future.
One form of the our activities is holding scientific-informative and practical seminars, conferences and round table discussions. Young scientists, which participate in seminar's works have an opportunity to meet with the existed ways of elaboration and realization of the scientific projects. So we organized several scientific conferences and seminars with the prominent Western European scientists and researchers.

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